Bigger Fish to Fry – Final Fantasy XIV Guide

This quest is only available after completing My First Fishing Rod. Return to the Lower Docks and speak with Sisipu at X7-Y14. You will be asked to fish up

FFXIV ARR: Bigger Fish to Fry (Quest Fisher LV5) Cutscene

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn: Bigger Fish to Fry (Job Quest Fisher LV5) Cutscene
NPC: Sisipu || Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks -Fisherman’s Bottom (7-14)
Quest Steps (1)
#1 Deliver harbor herring to Sisipu
6:34 I use Pill Bug to fish harbor herring

Reeling In! New Player Fishing Job Guide – Final Fantasy XIV

Todays new player guide is all about the fishing job in Final Fantasy XIV! Compared to other fishing jobs i’ve encounter in mmo’s FFXIV really nails a nice balance of interesting abilities and fun! So grab your reels and lets jump in!

This is one of my favorite non-combat jobs in the game, it’s one of those things where I can relax, zone out and just fish up a storm! Plus the fisher gear is super adorable once you begin to get it!
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Video Chapters
00:00 – Intro
00:25 – What You Will Need To Fish
02:40 – Fresh Water Fishing/Base Abilities
05:30 – Different Types Reeling In
06:55 – Salt Water/Ocean Coast Fishing
09:45 – The Fishing Logs
11:29 – Ocean Fishing Boats!
13:50 – Closing Thoughts

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FFXIV Fisher Quest Level 5 – Bigger Fish to Fry (Harbor Herring NQ) – A Realm Reborn

0:00 Fisher Quest Level 5 – Harbor Herring NQ �� More details below!
1:50 Bait
2:41 Start Fishing – Weather, Location, Time, Bait
6:01 End Fishing

��Prerequisite Quest:
So You Want to Be a Fisher, The Way of the Fisher, My First Fishing Rod

��Additional Information:
Gathering 64, Perception 13, Gathering Points 400

�� PLAYLIST Fisher Main Quests:
�� PLAYLIST Fisher Quests:
�� PLAYLIST Unlock Leves A Realm Reborn:

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The Dancing Plague (Normal) Guide – FFXIV

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A quick overview of the Lv. 74 MSQ trial, guaranteed to get you through it!

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