Directorial Override Walkthrough – Control Guide

This portion of the guide explains how to get started on lifting the lockdown. It includes how to reach the maintenance sector, where to find Ahti the janitor,

Fix The NSC Coolant Pumps Control Directorial Override Walkthrough

During the main mission, Directorial Override you will get two objectives to complete. First is Fix the NSC Coolant Pump and second is Fix the NSC Energy Convertors. The second one is easy to complete, but the first one NSC Coolant Pump is tricky. You have to find three Coolant Pumps and fix them by placing Energy cubes on them. So in this Control Walkthrough, you can learn about the exact three locations of NSC Coolant Pumps and complete the objective to move further.

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CONTROL – Directorial Override (main mission) // Walkthrough no commentary part 3 (PS4 Pro)

CONTROL: Directorial Override (main mission #3)
Story walkthrough no commentary part 3
– Search for a way into the Maintenance Sector
– Find Ahti the Janitor
*** SIDE QUEST // A Merry Chase: Use Evade ability to complete the Astral Plane Challenge
*** SIDE QUEST // What A Mess: Burn the Trash around the Furnace
– Find a way to fix the NSC Power Plant
– Speak with Security Chief Arish in the Security Booth
– Fix the NSC Coolant Pumps
– Investigate what is blocking the pipe
– Fix the NSC Energy Converters
– Lift the Internal Lockdown using the Directorial Override
– Speak with Emily

CONTROL gameplay playthrough
PS4 Pro


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Fix the NSC Coolant Pumps | Directorial Override | Control Game

Played on PC:
Intel i5-7600 CPU @ 3.5Ghz
GeForce GTX 1070

Control Game Guide :


Control – Directorial Override – Story Line Walkthrough Part 3

Control – Directorial Override – Story Line Walkthrough Part 3
Search for a way into the maintenance sector
Find Ahti the janitor
Investigate a strange light in the break room
Burn the trash around the furnace
Cleanse the merry-go-round horse object of power
Use evade to complete the astral plane challenge
Find a way to fix the NSC power plant
Speak with security chief Arish in the security booth
Fix the NSC coolant pumps
Fix the NSC energy converters
Lift the internal lockdown using the directional override

Side Missions Completed :
A Merry Chase
What a mess : burn the trash

Locations :
Access Corridor
Janitor’s Office
NSC control room
NSC coolant pumps
Furnace Chamber
NSC Energy Converters

In this story line walkthrough we unlock the following trophies or achievements: Shifting Positions + Ritualistic Thinking + Parautilitarian + Unstable matter + Proper Handling Procedures + directional override