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Everything you need to know about Heavenly Sword.

Why Is Ninja Theory’s HEAVENLY SWORD So Overlooked? – REVIEW

For today’s review we’re looking at Heavenly Sword, developed for the PS3 in 2007, the first game by Ninja Theory who would go on to develop the controversial DMC Devil May Cry reboot, but is it any good?

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Heavenly Sword | PS3 | Full Game Playthrough Walkthrough | No Commentary

Fast forward 23 years, a tyrannical ruler named King Bohan is determined to bring the world’s tribes to heel and pave the way for a new golden age and, for that, he seeks the Heavenly Sword. Nariko, now a highly skilled young warrior, is shouldered with the task of protecting the sword from him.

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Zhang Wuji & Six Sects || The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber

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Zhang Wuji is the fictional protagonist of the wuxia novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber by Jin Yong.

This is the last part of The Trilogy Condor Heroes which began with Legend of the Condor Heroes and continued in Return of the Condor Heroes. Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre took place nearly 100 years after the events of Return of the Condor Heroes in a China ruled by the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty.

Legend said that whoever obtains the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber can rule the world. Zhang Wuji was orphaned at a young age by schemes to discover secrets of these two weapons. Despite his preference to live a non-violent life, Wuji found himself embroiled in the struggles for power and must fight to save himself and others he loves…

Zhang Wuji has a more complicated personality as compared to Guo Jing and Yang Guo. He possesses less heroic traits than them and has an equal balance of strengths and weaknesses. The presence of these humanly traits in him makes him more realistic as compared to the other two protagonists in the Condor Trilogy. Zhang Wuji’s personality is strongly influenced by social factors and the people around him. He is often placed in situations in which he has no other choice but to adapt to. He has no chance of escaping from harsh reality.

His relationships with his four love interests Zhao Min, Zhou Zhiruo, Xiaozhao and Yin Li are extremely complicated. He is very hesitant and indecisive on who his true love is. Apparently, he loves Zhao Min the most and makes that clear to Zhou Zhiruo at the end of the novel. However, one can really speculate whether, deep inside his heart, he really knows who his true love.

Source : mydramalist.com & Wikipedia

Heavenly Sword: The Movie – Trailer

The PlayStation action game is getting its own movie: here’s your first look!