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been feeling pretty miserable and isolated lately so I made this in like two days and it came out really well. I made the soundtrack with my omnichord OM-27 which I’ve been wanting to use in a creative project for ages and I thought it would be really cute to have star talk in twinkles. was nice to get out and make something. so yeah I hope u enjoy let me know what u think. thank u for watching 🙂

also I’m trying to do a bit of freelancing at the mo so if any of you wanna pay me to animate or edit or draw u stuff or whatever pls email me – [email protected]

LIMBO: The Story & its Meaning Explained (Horror Game Theories)

Limbo is a very ambiguous horror game full of mystery and symbolism that has sparked conversation as to it’s meaning for over a decade since it’s original release in 2010. Limbo is a puzzle based platformer in which we assume the role of a young boy who journey through limbo as he attempts to reach the afterlife. In this video we look at everything that occurs during a play-through of Limbo as well as theories about the meaning of its story. By the end of this video you should have a good idea of what this strange game is all about. Looking for a thrill? Play the iconic FNAF games and test your mettle at

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Music by Kevin MacLeod

Discord’s Journey Through Death Episode 2: Below limbo

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