Rare Pokemon – Pokemon X and Y Guide

Some Pokemon are much rarer than others. There may be only one type of Pokemon in the entire game, there may be select species in a region or version of the

Pokemon X Y: Build Your Dream Team Early with These Pokemon

You can catch some great Pokemon in early areas of X and Y that are worth evolving and sticking with for the whole game.

Pokemon X & Y – How to Get Dratini,Larvitar,Beldum,Bagon,Gible,Deino & Goomy


►00:00 – Intro
►00:08 – Dratini (Using Good Rod)
►06:09 – Larvitar (Horde encounter Pokemon Y Version Only)
►12:43 – Bagon
►17:33 – Beldum (Using Trade from ORAS & National Dex Required)
►19:46 – Gible
►23:37 – Dieno (Breeding Ditto & Zweilous)
►31:02 – Goomy

Pokémon X & Y – All Legendary Pokémon Locations (Guide & Walkthrough)


Like all Pokémon games, there are Legends to find and catch in the world of X & Y. Follow our guide as we tell you where to find each one!

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Pokemon X & Y – All Legendary Pokémon Locations (1080p60)

QOTD-1►Tell me your own experience about these location and Legendary, I’m interested to know ^-^

List of all Legendary Pokémon Locations & events tutorial:
0:02 : Xerneas
2:41 : Yveltal
4:16 : Zygarde
6:05 : Mewtwo
7:48 : Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres Tutorial
10:43 : Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres (Location)
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