Witch Cauldron Easter Egg Location Guide – Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

This page shows you how to find the Witches Cauldron easter egg in Red Dead Redemption


This is the complete guide for all of the Easter Eggs and Secrets in Red Dead Redemption 2 including exactly where these events take place!


0:00 Ghost train
0:31 Shrunken Head
0:52 The ghost of Agnes Dowd
1:43 Panoramic map & alien spaceship on Mount Shann
2:47 Robot
5:45 UFO Cult
7:29 Time traveler
12:50 The strange man
15:18 Albert Mason’s photos
16:53 Banjo Mutant
17:24 Barrel Rider
18:16 Cave Devil
21:01 Circus Wagons
23:08 Crazy guy in a treehouse
23:59 Echos at the old camp
25:04 Blackwater Athletics team massacre
26:01 Aberdeen Pig Farm
34:06 Bear Jumpscare
34:45 Bennett brothers treasure
37:51 Captain Russell
40:35 Cat skull mask
41:16 Chelonian in the hotel
42:17 Chelonians cliff jump
44:32 Civil war hat and knife
45:56 Clawson’s rest cabin
47:22 Crying woman in the swamp
48:13 Dead Chelonians in the desert
48:55 Dead Chinese guy
49:41 Dead family at Osman Grove
50:54 Defaced grave
52:05 Dodd’s bluff cabin
52:36 Donkey lady
53:02 Exploding house
53:35 Face in the cliff
54:36 Faces in trees
55:25 Feral man
57:13 Fertility statues
58:20 Flying machines
59:16 Fossilized man
59:48 Frozen cattle
1:00:39 Frozen man
1:01:07 Frozen settler and Morion helmet
1:01:41 Giant remains
1:02:04 Giant snake
1:02:30 Gorilla
1:02:55 Guy in the outhouse on Mount Hagena
1:03:20 Hangman Trap
1:05:05 Hearse
1:05:53 Hermit woman, man, and Otis Miller’s Revolver
1:08:59 Jesuit Missionary
1:09:40 Kidnapped boy in Rhodes
1:13:30 King of the forest
1:14:18 KKK Clan Meetings
1:18:04 Love letters from the Civil war
1:19:11 Lonely Giant
1:21:09 Lost letter to Bonnie MacFarlane
1:21:59 Mammoth bones
1:22:28 Man in the outhouse in Strawberry
1:25:27 Man married to Sheep
1:26:07 Man mauled by Bear and Antler knife
1:26:43 Man with an injured arm
1:30:55 Manmade mutant
1:31:50 Meditating Monk
1:32:35 Mention of Red Harlow
1:33:56 Meteor house
1:34:47 Meteorite crater
1:35:31 Mysterious hill home
1:36:16 Old Tomb, Viking helmet, Viking hatchet, and comb
1:37:28 Old world scripts
1:37:53 Pagan ritual and mask
1:38:39 Pentagram
1:39:37 Perverted stalker
1:41:44 Phonograph
1:42:07 Pig mask
1:42:34 Pirate hat and sword
1:43:50 Prisoner in Well
1:44:25 Prisoners kill lawmen and escape
1:45:45 Ram skull mask
1:46:17 Robard Farm massacre
1:47:44 Secret gold bars in train
1:49:01 Secret scenes when spying through windows
1:51:38 Serial killer
1:59:06 Slave Elijah
2:00:50 Soothsayer
2:01:37 Strange statues and gold bars
2:03:07 Sun worshipper
2:04:09 Swamp stranger
2:06:11 The Braithwaites’ secret
2:07:42 The Grays’ secret
2:08:23 Tiny church
2:08:51 Vampire
2:11:39 Sperm Whale bones
2:12:17 Whispering Forest
2:19:01 Witch’s cauldron
2:20:46 Woman in the window at Emerald Ranch
2:21:21 Writing on a tree
2:21:49 Writing on Obelisk
2:22:15 Zombie well
2:22:42 – Graves of old friends

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Top 5 Hidden Easter Eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2 SECRETS)

Top 5 Hidden Easter Eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2 SECRETS)
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Top 5 Hidden Easter Eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2 SECRETS)


Red Dead Redemption 2 – All Vampire Clues (RDR2)

Red Dead Redemption 2 Secret Easter Egg \ Special Character – The Vampire of Saint Denis

In Red Dead Redemption 2 there’s a vampire lurking in the streets of Saint Denis after dark.

In order to find the Nosferatu, you’ll first need to find five mysterious writings scattered across Saint Denis. After inspecting them, you will get a drawing of a crude pentagram made from the clue locations.

Visit the location shown in this video at night to find the vampire sucking the blood from a dead body.

After killing him, you will get some stringy meat, bat wings and a special Ornate Dagger which has a silver blade and a golden hand.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs Playlist:


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Witches Cauldron SECRET SOLVED and Hidden Tonic Found in Red Dead Redemption 2!

Red Dead Redemption 2 Update! – A mysterious witches cauldron and hut can be found hidden in Ambarino… but who lives there?

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